"A Tribute to Johnny"

by Molly & Kate Codeanne


Although I showed as a "A Royal Quest," Johnny was my name. I trotted and cantered and, especially at the shows, I was very game.


Being curried and brushed was such a treat, It made my time with them so very sweet. When the saddle and bridle would come out I knew then it was time to have fun, there was no doubt.


Each time I pulled to the line up after trotting in, I felt I had done my best to teach each rider...

For me it was like a win!


Hands, feet, legs and seat, I taught them to think ahead and never felt defeat.


My spooking kept them on their toes and worked without fail, Rounding the turn... stay focused... help keep me on the rail!


In the end, I whinnied goodbye to all and laid down, After all, I was 21 so please don't frown.


All the years of showing and teaching with Kristen, David and Allison in the barn and at the shows, I must be one of the luckiest horses ever, that I surely know!


And Mrs. Strout, my beloved owner and friend, She loved me and was there for me to the end.


Goodbye to all my friends, both old and new, I must heed the call, I'm going to greener pastures after all.


Think of me when you go through the in-gate, I will live on with every ride... so go be great!



1201 Montalona Road

Dunbarton, NH 03046


David & Kristen Cater, owners / trainers

(603) 774-1201 •  cater@gsinet.net



1201 Montalona Road

Dunbarton, NH 03046


David & Kristen Cater

owners / trainers


(603) 774-1201 •  caterstables@gsinet.net