Cater Stables specializes in English Saddle Seat riding instruction on American Saddlebred and Morgan horses and Hackney Ponies. We also offer driving instruction with the same breeds. For more on the American Saddlebred and Saddle Seat riding, visit Visit to find out more about Morgan horses, and check out the Hackney Pony at



Cater Stables offers an Academy Program as an introduction to Saddle Seat riding for beginning riders. Whether you have visions of a World's Championship title or just want to enjoy riding and improving your skills, we will customize a program for you or your child.


Once students have a reasonable mastery of basic riding skills, they will progress to more challenging techniques and horses. The time required for each rider to progress through levels of proficiency varies, and the student's instructional program changes at the discretion of our professional instructional staff.



We believe in catering to each rider's needs. In some weeks, our goals may center on improving specific skills in private sessions, while at other times our focus may be to work on strategy and ring management, necessitating a group lesson with riders of similar skill levels and goals. This allows us to provide the same amount of attention to the needs and goals of each rider while improving their overall horsemanship and preparing them for the show ring. For this reason, lesson rates are the same for private or group lessons.



Kristen Cater's attention to detail and ability to zero in on each rider's individual strengths and weaknesses has led her to be recognized as one of the top Saddle Seat riding instructors in the industry. With Kristen and her instructional staff in charge, Cater show rider are continually improving and achieving new personal bests, and many have reached the pinnacle of the sport, earning National and World's Champion status.

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Lessons are approximately 30 minutes in length. Horses are prepared for the rider and taken care of after the lesson. We ask only that students clean their saddle after their lesson. If they would like to improve their knowledge and skills around the horse in the stall, they are welcome to arrive early and stay late to learn to groom and tack and untack their horse, but it is not required.



Riding lessons — individual & group — are offered Tuesday through Sunday at various times by appointment at a cost of $50 per lesson. Show riders with a horse in training may schedule one lesson per week at no charge in addition to a lesson on their show horse. Please contact us at (603) 774-1201 or to schedule your lesson time.


1201 Montalona Road

Dunbarton, NH 03046


David & Kristen Cater, owners / trainers

(603) 774-1201 •


1201 Montalona Road

Dunbarton, NH 03046


David & Kristen Cater

owners / trainers


(603) 774-1201 •